Alia Bhatt reacts to Ranbir Kapoor gym workout


Ranbir Kapoor's video of his gym training is going viral on social media very fast. After his wife Alia Bhatt reacted to this, fans have started commenting heavily. Wearing a T-shirt and black shirt, his hard work is visible in the gym workout.

Ranbir Kapoor gym
Ranbir Kapoor gym workout viral video Aliya says too good 

Tommy Richman recently shared Ranbir Kapoor's video on Instagram social media handle. Alia Bhatt commented on Ranbir Kapoor's gym hard work in the video. This video is available to watch on trainingwithnam Instagram social account. The video call has been liked by more than 10 thousand people within 1 day.

Alia's comment on this video, which is rapidly gaining attention on social media, is being liked by the audience. Alia wrote in this comment

Alia's comments on this video, which is rapidly gaining attention on social media, are being liked by the audience. Alia wrote in this comment "Too Good". Similarly, some other people have also written a lot of praise in which another user wrote, "It takes strength". In this way, some praise comments are getting a lot of likes.

There are many benefits of consuming important food items after doing gym in the morning. After doing gym, the diet should include protein shake, dry fruits, one or two bananas, a glass of milk and grinded nuts and eat them in the morning before doing gym.

To get good results from gym workouts, you should eat protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken or fish, fruits, peanut butter, bananas, chickpeas. After gym, you can have oats, fruits, bread toast for breakfast. For this, you need to exercise for 1 to 2 hours every day in the gym. To stay fit, you must consume 30 grams of fruits in your diet. While doing gym workouts, drinking water in between after some time is very important.

The hard work done in the gym is for Ranveer's upcoming films, in which Ranbir is going to play the character of Anjeer in Animal Park. Ramayana is being mentioned in Ranveer's upcoming films, which also stars Sai Pallavi and Lala Dutta. Ranbir will be seen in the role of Ram in this film. However, the film has not been announced yet.

Like Ranveer, Alia is working on a new project in which she will be seen in the film Jigra which is being produced with Karan Johar. The film is going to be released in Indian cinemas on 27 September. Along with this, Alia will be seen in the upcoming project Spy Universe film, whose shooting is going to start at the end of 2024.

Alia has always been seen commenting on Ranbir Kapoor's various social media posts, due to which fans like this couple a lot. At the same time, some people feel that Alia is seen acting as a very supportive wife for Ranbir Kapoor. However, Ranbir and Alia are always seen in the best couple of Bollywood. They are always seen supporting each other. Many videos of this have gone viral on the internet. Many people praise Alia's reaction videos for their good comments.