Jiya Shankar Hot - Bigg Boss OTT girl’s Jiya Shankar Oops Moment


Bigg Boss OTT girl's Jiya Shankar is a well-known popular television actress, after coming out of Bigg Boss, she has made her own identity in the film industry. Jiya shankar hot video is going viral on the internet in which she is seen having someone's Oops Moment.

jiya shankar hot

Bigg Boss OTT girl's Jiya Shankar is often seen becoming a victim of Oops Moment due to the design of her new clothes. He has gained immense popularity through Hindi and Marathi films on this platform. Recently Jiya Shankar was seen on Bigg Boss OTT platform and many of its fans started growing with the help of this platform.

Recently Arre baap re! This type of video is continuously seen going viral on Instagram. In this video, due to Jiya Shankar's outfit not fitting properly, many videos of Jiya's Oops Moment are going viral.

What happened was that Jiya was adjusting herself on the stage for a photo shoot, during which the phone strap slipped from her shoulder and during this a person uttered a sentence like 'Oh my god'. Jiya Nahi answered this quite jokingly but this video is continuously going viral on the Instagram platform. This video was condemned by many users and many users wrote that "she is looking very beautiful". Also a user comments that "He handled it very well".

According to media information, Jiya's birthday is 17 April 1995 and accordingly, Jiya's age is 28 years.

People are sharing many moments of Jiya and Abhishek's friendship in the headlines. Jio did not get the winner on the OTT platform Bigg Boss but still he managed to include himself in the list of people's fans. After Salman Khan's show, Jiah's fan following is continuously increasing and she is also getting offers to work from different places. Meanwhile, a song of Jiah and Abhishek has also come on the internet and users are also liking it.

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