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Follow These 4 Ways To Increase Body Size, Growth Will Start Slowly

Tips to Increase Body Size: You can adopt some measures to increase body size. Learn easy ways to increase body size- weight gain tips .
Easy Way To Increase Body Size
Follow These 4 Ways To Increase Body Size, Growth Will Start Slowly

Tips to Increase Body Size: Body plays an important role in enhancing beauty. On one hand, curvy, big and tight body can make the look attractive. On the other hand, short, loose and hanging body can reduce the personality and confidence level. That's why everyone wants to have a curvy and tight body. But some bodies are not able to grow even with age, due to which they have to face embarrassment. If your body size has also not increased properly, then you can try some methods to increase body size. So come on, what are the easy ways to increase body size? How to increase body size? What are the home remedies to increase body size? (Tarike to change Body Size)how do i increase my weight.

Ways to increase body size- Tips to Increase Body Size

1. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is very important to increase body size. Exercise can help in gaining muscles. Therefore, if your body is not able to develop properly, then you can practice regular exercise. To increase your body size, you can do push-ups, chest press exercises, cobra poses or wall press exercises. Doing these exercises for half an hour daily can help you to a great extent in increasing body size.

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2. Massage body oil

If you want to increase your body size, then you must do body massage regularly. Body massage improves blood flow to the muscles of the body. Due to this, the muscles of the body are gained and gradually the size starts increasing. To increase body size, you can massage with mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil etc. For this, you first make the oil lukewarm, now take this oil on your hand and massage the body in circulation motion. To increase body size, to gain weight you can do body massage in the morning and evening.

3. Eat Estrogen Rich Foods

To increase body size, it is very important to consume estrogen rich foods. In fact, as the level of estrogen, progesterone hormone increases, the condition of puberty comes and their body also develops. But some have low estrogen levels. Because of which the development of the body is not done properly. In such a situation, if your body has also remained small, then you can make estrogen rich foods a part of your diet. For this, you can include linseed, soy products, sesame, tofu, nuts, sea food and fennel in the diet high calorie foods for weight gain.

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4. Increase Protein Intake

Increasing protein (weight gain foods) intake is very important for gaining muscles. Protein is essential for overall health. In particular, protein is helpful in developing muscles. Therefore, if your body's muscle growth has not happened, then you should increase the protein intake. By increasing protein intake, your body muscles will gain and body size will also increase. For this, you can include milk, curd, paneer, egg, non-veg etc. in your diet. Consuming protein (high-protein foods for weight gain) on a daily basis can go a long way in increasing your body size.

How to increase body size: You can do regular exercise to increase body size. Along with this, you should also take support of estrogen rich foods,diet foods, protein and oil massage. By following these tips, you can get a lot of help in increasing the size of the body.

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