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Diabetes symptoms (diabetes types, diabetes treatment, diabetes symptoms, prevent diabetes)

From birth till death the human body has to face different diseases, similarly we see different diseases in every living being. Similarly, diabetes is a disease of the human body. Let us know, the information about diabetes in which we know its symptoms, types of diabetes and what measures are taken to cure it.

world diabetes day

World diabetes day (day of diabetes) is celebrated to create awareness about the disease of diabetes and to give proper information about this disease to the people. With the help of this, people get to know about health diabetes correctly. moves on.

Diabetes Today, from small children to old people, this disease is being seen in the body of many people.

World diabetes day is celebrated every year on 14 November, so you will see that on this day you will get to know about it in different ways in the name of awareness about diabetes, on which you will get information about it on the news channel, as well Even if you remain active on social media, yes, you will get to see such information on this day.

What are the complications of diabetes 

diabetes की बीमारी होने पर आपको आगे दिए गए हैं complications (signs of diabetes )दिखाई दे, सकते हैं.

diabetes problem 

If you have diabetes, you may see the following complications. diabetes problem

Feeling hungry (having the desire to eat food again and again).

  1. Frequent desire to drink water.
  2. Wounds of the body do not heal quickly.
  3. tiredness
  4. Decreasing eyesight.
  5. weight reduction

If you have any one of these symptoms, then it is necessary to check diabetes once. If you do not know it at the right time, then it can create a lot of problems for you.

Symptoms of the disease appear in two ways in a patient of diabetes, even if the above symptoms are there, you can treat it by awareness of it, and secondly, it takes a long time for you to know the symptoms of this disease. Due to which you may face the problem of losing weight, and at the same time you can fall ill easily in most of the diseases. It can be very dangerous for you.

Reason for diabetes

Due to diabetes, the sugar symptoms level in the body increases from normal, and sometimes it decreases due to this reason you face problems in diabetes.

sugar symptoms - We call diabetic patients the problems that occur when the amount of sugar in the body is low and the amount of sugar (high blood sugar symptoms) in the body is high.

diabetes mellitus types

diabetes mellitus - what is type 1 and type 2 diabetes

diabetes type 1, type 2 diabetes read two types of diabetes in this way. Due to two types of diabetes - the symptoms present in this disease appear in different ways. With the help of the above symptoms, you can know What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Causes: It would be appropriate to take information about this from the doctor, because it is very important to be alert about this disease.

type 2 diabetes treatment

Most of the patients of causes of diabetes type 2 diabetes have weight loss, suddenly fall ill, it takes more time to heal the wounds of the body, in this way other problems can also cause problems in type 2 diabetes.

Its symptoms appear due to the increase in the amount of sugar in the blood. You can get this disease in a genetic way, as well as due to this disease, your weight can increase very fast and in some cases it can also reduce very fast.

There are many other symptoms of this, which we can see by going to the list given above, and for more information you can consult a doctor near you.

How to prevent diabetes

Diabetes patients have to face many different problems, in which some of the main types are frequent urination, the desire to eat again and again, feeling thirsty again and again, these can be some of the main reasons.

This disease can easily pass from one generation to another, today even young people are facing this disease, mostly this disease starts troubling people above the age of 40. This disease is mostly found in women, but today this disease is affecting many people like old and young as well as small children.

How to avoid diabetes disease - then to get rid of this disease, you will be able to strengthen your heart and with the help of the support given ahead, it can be cured.

  1. regularize your diet (diabetic diet).
  2. to exercise. 
  3. Must do Surya Namaskar.;
  4. Do morning walk.
  5. Avoid eating fast food.

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