6 Best Avatar 2: Like Movies You Can Watch Online: After Earth, Edge of Tomorrow , and more


6 Best Avatar 2-like Movies You Can Watch Online: After Earth, Edge ofTomorrow , and more

If you enjoyed avatar 2, here are some other movies like avatar you can watch on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Avatar 2
6 best movies like avatar 2 to watch online

In avatar 2 again the people of a man-made Pandora are attacked, then once again you will be shown a movie about how they save their world. This movie is going to appear soon on OTT Platform, so if you want to watch this movie on OTT Platform, then we will have to give some time.

Avatar 2 this movie will be very popular at the box office, because after a long time avatar which movie did not come on screen, there are some movies that we can go and watch but in 2009 this movie attracted the attention of most people, and People have not forgotten the animation made in this film till date.

If you want to watch more similar movies, many different OTT platforms are available to watch such movies. You can steam among them by visiting OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

6 best movies like avatar 2 to watch online

After Earth

2013 the movie came out, After Earth this movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan. In the cinema, you get to see a beautiful view, in the film, the sky people accidentally bring a different creature to the earth, and we have shown you how it kills people, it is an action movie. Which people have liked a lot. You can watch this movie by visiting the OTT platform. This Movie Starring:Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Sophie Okonedo.

Where to stream After Earth

The movie After Earth can be viewed online on Netflix.

Edge of Tomorrow

In 2014, the movie was set here in the cinema theater, in this movie you will get to see different animations, this value is very much liked in animation. In this film, after the death of a soldier, it is about coming back to his life and how it happens, for those who watch action movies or the movie may be quite good.

Where to stream Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow You can watch this movie on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, Apple TV, and YouTube. You can watch this movie by visiting these platforms.

Seventh Son

This movie came in 2014, in this movie you will get to see many different animations. Along with action, you will get information about different types of animals in this movie. In this movie, you can see the story of two people who came out of the house to kill the witch.

Where to stream Seventh Son

To watch Seventh Son movie, you can watch it by going to your Netflix, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, these platforms.

The Great Wall

The film The Great Wall came in 2016, it is a very good action film, you can definitely watch this movie, you will enjoy watching a lot. It was told about how different wars can be fought to save humans.

Where to stream The Great Wall

The Great Wall To watch this movie, you can stream and download it by going to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in Hotel platform.


Not for the first time in 2006, you appeared in film theatres. In this film, we will get to see the story of 300 warriors, how they fought the war and saved their people. In this film you will find the story of 300 warriors and their king's ability. It can be fun to watch this film sometime, and a sense of respect for one's own people is awakened.

Where to stream 300

To watch 300 films, you can watch it by going to YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix on these ott platforms.


This movie hit the theaters in 2015. In this movie, going above the waterfall coming from a big mountain to come to the girlfriend, get information about her mother. The hero gets his identity by going here and in this way, in this film, you get to see good action and animation, so that you will like this movie a lot. If you are watching this movie, then definitely watch the second part too, you will like it a lot.

where to stream bahubali

Bahubali can watch this movie by going to YouTube, Google Play Movies, Apple TV, Netflix and Hotstar on these platforms. You can watch Bahubali movie on Hotstar for free.

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