2022 New Upcoming Movies : Big Budget Movies


 2022 New Upcoming Movies

You will get to see some such big movies in 2022, in which you will get to see the movies made through Marvel, DC, and Netflix.

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Avatar 2 For the people who love them, this movie will not be seen this year. So you will have to wait longer for this movie.

Thor: Love and Thunder

New Cinema You will see it around 8 July 2022 in a cinema house near you. For information about this movie, you can read the official block.

 Don't Make Me Go

Don't Make Me Go You can get to see this cinema on 15 July 2022 on OTT platform as well as in cinemas.


This year it has included mother in the big budget, you can get to see this cinema in your cinema hall on 5Aug 2022.

The Woman King

We will be able to see the cinema in which cinema house you will see on 16 sep 2022, although it is not completely decided, its date can be extended even further.

Don't Worry Darling

To watch the cinema, you will have to wait till 23 Sep 2022, after that you can watch this cinema with the help of different platforms.

Avatar 2

A lot of people are waiting for this movie, you can watch this movie in your nearest theater on 16th Dec 2022. This movie has been completed with the help of animation. You may have to spend a lot of time for this movie to come on the 0TT platform. This movie can become the highest-grossing movie in 2022.

With this, our big budget movies end here, maybe there have been two movies out of it, which we will add to it in the coming time. If you want to comment something about these movies then use the comment box below.

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