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 Web 3.0 - What is WEB 3.0 | Make money web 3.0

If you want to know about WEB 3.0, then below you have been told, what is WEB 3.0 and how it is going to become a new invention of the Internet.

Before knowing who WEB 3.0, we take a little information about web 2.0 and 1.0, only then we will understand about 3.0 in a better way.

web 1.0 In this internet world, we saw that we can reach people through text through a block, it is to share any data from one computer to another, then if we see that as an

web 3.0
what is web 3.0

output on the computer If so, we used to see it happen in the form of tax. If we see the computer in today's day, then there were many shortcomings. At the same time, it was not very secure, for this, the updated version of web 2.0 came, let's take a little information about it.

web 2.0 On the internet, we were able to show text as well as videos and photos to any person, for which we can create any kind of blog in which we can access other computer through videos and photos block and it appeared as output. It remained quite secure in comparison to web 1.0 and very important on the Internet. This made a huge leap in the computer, due to which a lot of work started through the computer. web 2.0 backlinks.

Due to web 2.0, we started using social media at a higher level, at the same time, if there are many branches of two companies or one company, then to bring it to one place or to handle it properly. It was put to good use. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, many such platforms came on the Internet, which took advantage of it a lot. Now in this also we started seeing some shortcomings, which are some of these shortcomings.

  1. Due to the ban on the Internet in any country or place, that data is not visible there.
  2.  The whole process can be controlled at many places, such as if the website is banned in any country, then that container is not visible at that place, it is used mostly during the days of any movement. (Sometimes it happens when hatred is being spread through some medium, then the internet is banned there for some time).
  3. All the data is stored on the server of one place. From which it is controlled from there.
  4. More server maintenance is required to store the data. It keeps changing from time to time.
We can see some other such drawbacks in 2.0 which we compare with web 3.0.

How to earn money from web 3.0

To earn money from WEB 3.0, you can take a lake through which blocks in technology can be run and because of this you will get some tokens from that website, like we see in bitcoin mining. In bitcoin mining, the way you can earn money by mining bitcoin, in the same way we will be web 3.0 more source with the help of which money can be earned.

Which are the popular WEB 3.0 sites?

Popular WEB 3.0 is not a correct data on most of the internet, web 3.0 is in a working right now which many companies are trying to bring in their own way.

Take special care of these things before joining WEB 3.0

WEB 3.0 join Although it is quite a secure and right technology, but behind any technology, some wrong things are also hidden, web 3.0 will be known only after it arrives. Because till now we have not been able to see how much more full it will be and how it will be updated, so it is going to take some time for us to get this information.


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