Radhe - Most Wanted Bhai movie review


 Radhe - Most Wanted Bhai movie review

Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai movie review: Salman Khan-Prabhudeva et another cringe-worthy watch

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Film review: Salman Khan is an affable encounter specialist. Radhe your most wanted Bhai movie review

It takes a while for a film to be made that lets you wonder whether it really would be so bad if you were taken out of the pandemic last week. Salman Khan brings with Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai a deadly tide of fussy single lines, cheap CGI action, and insensitive torture that is torture to sit in.

Radhe, a pandemic released on Zee5, is supposed to be a remake of the Korean film The Outlaws, but after a short Wikipedia search, I'm not sure how. The film, directed by Prabhudeva, Salman's go-to bad action director, comes across as yet another sizzle reel for Salman and his bulging biceps, joining the ranks of Kick, Wanted, Race 3, the Dabangg sequence, and others. This time, Salman, who is still pretending to be 30, is a charming encounter specialist dispatched to Mumbai to combat the city's drug crisis.

Radhe - Most Wanted Bhai movie  Trailer 

Radhe drinks holes in the morning rapists stare at the legs of Disha Patani in the evening and hugs children at a rehabilitation facility at night. It is unknown if it performs super-fast like the very Flash of the Bhai Cinematic Universe. After dinner, maybe. But it could be the time for Jacqueline Fernandez in the bars to dance.

Randeep Hooda's menacing drug lord is pitted against him. The actor couldn't even be bothered to alter his hairstyle from Extraction or open his mouth more than 40%. He's as slimy as they come when it comes to B-grade Bollywood villains. He slits throats on the spur of the moment, rapes, and murders without provocation. It was probably the only way to make him look more sinister in the absence of perhaps halfway decent character development.

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Salman Khan with Randeep Hooda in Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai

These two are accompanied by Disha, a sexy woman of the type, and Jackie Shroff, a sleaze police officer of the type. There seems to be no single person on the same planet as we are. All of them are untrue idiots. The plot, involving the character of Disha being kidnapped by potential rapists and the character of Jackie having an 'emotional' heart shift, has induced me to give a shock reflex.

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