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 CRED & Milaap aim for Covid's fundraising campaign for oxygen in patients

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Cred Milaap Donate Oxygen...During the second COVID-19 wave in India, sharing resources, information, and support has increased the impact that we can make when we meet. The CRED community has the opportunity to support each other if thousands need care and resources are running short.

CRED has launched a fundraising campaign in partnership with Milaap, which enables members to spend CRED coins on oxygen for those who need it the most. CRED coin is going to 1,000 liters of oxygen every 10,000 liters. Members may participate with no coin spending cap as many times as they want. Milaap will channel the collected funds to partners and purchase and deploy oxygen concentrators for hospitals and non-profit healthcare across India.

CRED started the campaign in the first wave, in which members helped coins donate over 300,000 masks to frontline workers. For all rupees of credit card bills they pay at CRED, CRED members are issued a CRED coin. The camp is aimed at raising more than 5.9 million members in the CRED community to provide 1 trillion liters of oxygen. If you want to do more, you can do this on

A certificate confirmed by Milaap will be issued to members. From 3 May, daily updates are published until deployment is complete on a microsite-screen app. CRED will be used to cover administrative fees to the full value of the Member's contributions.

Everybody can help the bigger cause. Those with innovative ideas to make hospitals oxygen self-sufficient or to convert other containers into oxygen can send an e-mail to to the CRED Oxygen Fund for consideration and support.

While life-saving is still a priority, livelihoods are equally important. CRED has set up a partner fund to provide advantages up to Rs 10 lakh for future procurement with support for small, self-employed companies that constitute the majority of CRED's marketing and partner ecosystems. can be contacted by partners seeking assistance.

CRED has offered a vaccination drive for itself and their families to the team, including full-time staff, contractors, and staff. A 15-day home quarantine COVID package covering medical advice, medicine, safety kit, pulse oximeter, and thermometer can be used for team members who are either symptomatic or slightly symptomatic. In the event of symptoms or exposures employed doctors are available online.

The family health insurance plans cover team members and families that require hospitalization under COVID-19. In case of medical emergencies, they also have a salary advance of up to six months.

CRED also established an internal COVID task force with team volunteers who gather resources to assist other team members (and their near ones). 1:1 therapy sessions are offered to all team members for emotional well-being and weekly coping techniques workshops.

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